Map of Schools in the Pensacola Area

INTERACTIVE PENSACOLA SCHOOLS MAP (click red circles for school details)
A= Pensacola High School, B= B.T. Washington High School, C= Episcopal Day School, D= Pensacola Christian Academy, E= Escambia High School, F= Pensacola Christian College, G= Pensacola Pensacola Private School of Liberal Arts,
H= Warrington Middle School, I= East Hill Christian School, J= Oakcrest Elementary School


Pensacola Area Schools

Escambia County Schools
Elementary - Middle - High - Private - College - School Information

Cities Include:
Pensacola, Bratt, Cantonment, Century,
Gonzalez, Gulf Beach, Molino, Walnut Hill

With more than 45,000 students, the Escambia County School District is one of the 100 largest in the nation. The county's school system provides programs ranging from dropout prevention for troubled youth to accelerated learning for gifted students. Progressive initiatives include magnet schools for elementary and middle school students, an International Baccalaureate Program emphasizing language and math, and the Academy for Health Professions offering training in medical fields. The student-teacher ration is approximately 24 to 1. About 74 percent of students continue their education after high school. Local students consistently score above state and national averages on the Scholastic Aptitude Test -- an average of 932 for Escambia versus 882 for the state and 902 for the nation.

Elementary Schools
  • A.K. Suter Elementary        Pensacola
  • Bellview Elementary        Pensacola
  • Beulah Elementary    Pensacola
  • Blue Angels Elementary    Pensacola
  • Bratt Elementary    Century
  • Brentwood Elementary    Pensacola
  • Byrneville Elementary     Century
  • Carver/Century Elementary     Century
  • Cordova Park Elementary         Pensacola
  • Edgewater Elementary    Pensacola
  • Ensley Elementary    Pensacola
  • Ferry Pass Elementary         Pensacola
  • Global Learning Academy        Pensacola
  • Hallmark Elementary         Pensacola
  • Hellen Caro Elementary    Pensacola
  • Holm Elementary         Pensacola
  • Jim Allen Elementary School    Cantonment
  • Lincoln Park Elementary    Pensacola
  • R.C. Lipscomb Elementary       Pensacola
  • Longleaf Elemntary    Pensacola
  • L.D. McArthur Elementary        Pensacola
  • Molino Park Elementary    Molino
  • Montclair Elementary        Pensacola
  • Myrtle Grove Elementary       Pensacola
  • NB Cook Elementary        Pensacola
    Arts Magnet School
  • Navy Point Elementary        Pensacola
  • Oakcrest Elementary        Pensacola
  • Pensacola Beach Elementary        Pensacola
  • Pine Meadow Elementary    Pensacola
  • Pleasant Grove Elementary        Pensacola
  • Scenic Heights Elementary         Pensacola
  • Semmes Elementary    Pensacola
  • Sherwood Elementary     Pensacola
  • Spencer Bibbs Advanced Learning Academy       Pensacola
    Math/Science/Technology Magnet School.
  • Warrington Elementary      Pensacola
  • Weis Elementary      Pensacola
  • West Pensacola Elementary      Pensacola
  • Yniestra Elementary      Pensacola

Middle Schools
  • Jim C. Bailey Middle School       Pensacola
  • Bellview Middle School      Pensacola
  • Brentwood Middle School      Pensacola
  • Brown Barge Middle School       Pensacola
  • Brownsville Middle School
  • Ernest Ward    Walnut Hill
  • Ferry Pass Middle School      Pensacola
  • Ransom Middle School     Cantonment
  • Redirections Pensacola   Henry & Rila White Foundation, Inc. (850) 475-5559
  • Warrington Middle School       Pensacola
  • Wedgewood Middle School      Pensacola
  • Woodham Middle School     Pensacola
  • Workman Middle School       Pensacola

High Schools
  • Escambia High School       Pensacola
  • Northview High School     Bratt
  • Pensacola High School       Pensacola
  • Pine Forest High School      Pensacola
  • Tate High School     Gonzalez
  • B.T. Washington High School       Pensacola
  • West Florida       Pensacola

Private Schools
  • Aletheia Christian Academy    Pensacola, Phone: 850-969-0088
  • Beulah Academy of Science    Pensacola, Phone: 850-944-2822
  • Christian Institute of Arts & Sciences   Pensacola
  • Creative Learning Academy     Pensacola
  • East Hill Academy    Pensacola, Phone: 850-437-5560
  • East Hill Christian School   Pensacola
  • Episcopal Day School   Pensacola
  • Escambia Christian School   Pensacola, Phone: 850-433-8476
  • Jubliee Christian Academy   Pensacola, Phone: 850-494-2477
  • Pensacola Catholic High School   Pensacola, Phone: 850-436-6400
  • Pensacola Christian Academy   Pensacola, Phone: 850-478-8483
  • Redeemer Lutheran School   Pensacola
  • St. Paul Catholic School (pre-K to 8th Grade)    Pensacola
  • Trinitas Christian School, Inc.   Pensacola, Phone: 850-484-3515
  • Triple D's Christian Academy   Pensacola

College Education
  • Pensacola Junior College   Escambia County, Pensacola
  • University of West Florida   Escambia County, Pensacola
  • Pensacola Christian College   Escambia County, Pensacola
  • Escambia Westgate Center   Escambia County, Pensacola
  • George Stone Center  Escambia County, Pensacola, Occupational Education
  • Chief of Naval Education and Training    Escambia County, Pensacola
  • Naval Technical Training Center Corry Station   Escambia County, Pensacola

School Information

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