Before The Storm

evacroute.jpgEvery year, prior to hurricane season, your family should review your hurricane plan and make changes as necessary. It should include if you plan to evacuate, where you will go, the route you will take to get there, when you will leave and what supplies you will take.

If you plan to stay, make sure you have all of the supplies necessary to be on your own for at least 72 hours. If you are planning to go to an evacuation shelter, have your shelter supplies kit packed and ready. Make sure you have all the materials on hand to protect your home. You should also trim dead wood from trees. Don't forget to make arrangements for pets. Print and save this page for future reference. You may not have power if a storm is approaching.

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Going To An Evacuation Shelter?

shelter.jpgGoing To An Evacuation Shelter? Here are some things you should know about going to a hurricane evacuation shelter.

Hurricane evacuation shelters are provided for public use in the event a hurricane evacuation becomes necessary and if you have no other place to go. It is recommended that other arrangements be made with a friend or relative that lives in a well cGoing To An Evacuation Shelter? onstructed home, out of the evacuation area, and properly protected to withstand hurricane force winds. You will probably be more comfortable, certainly in a less crowded environment and among friends. Remember, alcohol, weapons and pets are not permitted in public shelters.

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