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Annual Weather Index

Month High Temp Low Temp Rainfall Ocean Temp
January 60°F 42°F 5 in. 56°F
February 63°F 44°F 5 in. 58°F
March 69°F 51°F 6 in. 63°F
April 75°F 57°F 4 in. 71°F
May 82°F 65°F 4 in. 78°F
June 88°F 71°F 6 in. 84°F
July 90°F 74°F 8 in. 85°F
August 89°F 73°F 7 in. 86°F
September 86°F 69°F 6 in. 82°F
October 78°F 59°F 4 in. 76°F
November 69°F 50°F 4 in. 65°F
December 62°F 44°F 4 in. 58°F

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