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Rick O’Connor

Rick is the Florida Sea Grant Agent for the UF/IFAS Escambia County Extension office. A native of Pensacola, Rick had an early interest in the world of water and, like so many others who loved Cousteau, headed out to become a marine biologist. He studied marine biology at Dauphin Island Sea Lab while a student at Troy University and received his master from Southern Mississippi. He focuses his interest on estuarine ecology and is a big fan of diamondback terrapins. When not doing Sea Grant programming for the community he and his wife Molly like to canoe, camp, hike, snorkel, and sail.


Biodiversity in Our Bay

The term biodiversity has multiple meanings. Some look at it in terms of genetics, others ecosystems, but most look at it in terms of species. Simply put, biodiversity is the variety of life within a system.The system could be on a small scale, such as a pond, or on a much larger one, like an ocean.

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